Student Internship

Student Internship Program

An internship can enhance the value of a student’s education through the practical application of knowledge and skills under the supervision of a professional photographer.

The educational value of an internship depends most often on the student’s exposure to the practice of photography. Therefore, an internship must consist of a professional position in the photography studio. The majority of work performed by interns must be professional in nature.

Internship work includes but is not limited to:

  • Preparing studio for in-house photography

  • Assisting during studio photo session

  • Cleaning up after studio photo sessions

  • Preparing for on-location photo sessions

  • Assisting during on-location photo sessions

  • Cleaning up after on-location photo sessions

  • Preparing orders for clients

  • Phone contact with clients

  • Correspondence with clients

  • Computer data entry for mailing lists to clients and prospects

  • Possible attendance at professional photography meetings


Students may receive college credit for their work if the college/university approves such internship program.


Internships may be either paid or unpaid. The College/University and the photographer are not responsible for any insurance coverage for an intern. This includes, but is not limited to, worker‘s compensation, health insurance, and accident insurance.

Application Procedure

Students are required to make arrangements for J.D. Small Photography Studios to send a letter (on our letterhead) to the Department Head which includes a description of intern tasks and responsibilities, the number of hours per week the intern will work, and the name of the supervisor that will be directly responsible for the intern’s work.

The student will coordinate with the College/University to assure the application materials are submitted to the College/University internship coordinator in a timely manner.

Upon acceptance into the internship program, the student will work with the College/University internship coordinator to secure an evaluation form. The internship supervisory will evaluate the student’s work on the form and return the evaluation to the Department Head before the end of the term.

Evaluation Process

Each College/University internship coordinator will determine the method of evaluation consistent with the College/University’s procedures. The pass/fail process will be outlined for the intern by the internship coordinator and the details of the evaluation process will be given to the internship supervisor.