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Whether you are considering a business headshot or group photos of your team, getting a professional phototographer on the job is the only way to proceed.   You want top-quality imagery to set the right impression and expectations.  That requires a professional photographer for your headshots and group photos that capture the essence of your team.

Our experienced professionals are ready to bring our services directly to your office or place of business. We handle all of the setup and cleanup as we conduct on-site photoshoots for corporate headshots and group images.

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Business Headshot – Executive Portrait

As a business professional, your headshot or professional portrait is an important part of making a strong first impression. For an actor, entertainer, model, or musician, a professional headshot(along with a professional portfolio) is critical.

Our clients use their web and print ready headshot images in many ways. Sime of the ways are:


Book Covers


Business Cards

Press Releases

Print Advertising



Socia Media

Web Content

Website – About Us

Website – Contact Us


Your headshot can go a long way towards opening doors to the best opportunites for your business.  The quality and style of of your headshot helps silently convey a sense of identity. The photograph can say a lot about your personallity and charecter.  A  business headshot taken by a professional headshot photographer will help you convey the right message.  It’s hard to believe your simple headshot photograph can help others gauge you so much.  We are all guilty of judging people by our first impression.   More often than not, your headshot will be the first imression people judge you by.  Make it positive with a professional headshot by Lansing, Michigan’s J.D. Small Photography.

J.D. Small Photography is independently owned by J.D. Small.  J.D. has five-plus decades of experience and success as a business photographer, J.D. has shot group photos, business headshots, and corporate portraits across America.

When you work with J.D. Small Photography, we take care of all the details. Our team will take the time to put you at ease so that your headshots will capture your personality and professional confidence. We have the technical knowledge and abilities to help you look your best, allowing you to project an image of strength and control over your career.

We are proud to help business owners and community leaders build their brand and reputation with visually appealing images, corporate headshots, group photos and product photography.


Group Photography

Group photograpy is both fun and challenging.



Get Ready for Your Photoshoot

Once you’ve decided on a professional headshot photographer in Michigan, you need to get ready for the appointment.   Several  things need to be considered:

Will the subject of the photoshoot  be just you or will you have headshot photos taken of other team members?

Is the photoshoot going to be in studio?

Or, “on location” at your place of business?  Indoors?  Outdoors?  Both?

What to wear?

What about hair style?

And makeup?



In-studio Headshot Photo Session

J.D. Small Photography is known for professional expertise in in-studio portrait photography.

Many times business professionals prefer to get away from the work environment and take advantage of our beautiful studio.  Often times a headshot photo shoot is best scheduled for the weekend when you can leave the business day worries behind you and relax resulting in more favorable results.

Our first-class 24×30 foot photography studio is fully equipped to provide you with a safe, clean, friendly, premium quality, and dynamic photography for all of your in-studio needs.

On-Location Headshots

For many business professionals, it can be difficult to find the time to get to a portrait studio, especially if you have multiple team members you want to be included in the shoot. Having multiple staff away for a photoshoot can be overly disruptive to the work environment. That is why we make getting professional headshots, portraits and group shots easier than ever. Our team is prepared to bring our equipment to your place of business, complete with high-definition digital cameras and professional lighting to turn your office or workplace into a temporary studio.



Call for a Consultation

At J.D. Small Photography Studios, we will design a photo package to meet the needs of any business professional or company. Call 517-281-5633 to discuss your options today.