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Group Photography

Group photography is both fun and challenging. It’s a great way to showcase your team in their work environment or at a fun location such as a charity event or sporting event. Depending on the goal of the photography session it can be at our studio, inside/outside your business location, or a location of your choice. We’ll guide you through the entire process with ideas and suggestions of what to wear etcetera. We’ll work closely with you to ensure everything goes smoothly and you’re happy with the results of your group photo session.

A well-composed portrait of a working unit will grab and hold a client’s attention. J.D. Photography Studios photographers will orchestrate the most powerful composition to project your group as professional, collaborative, and personable.

Our team puts your team at ease to create an image of an integrated group. We plan the session carefully with you in advance, with an on-site visit if necessary, in order to work efficiently on the day of the shoot.

Another popular option for group photography is digital composition. Each person is photographed individually on a white background. The background is then carefully removed from the photo. The Team member’s image is then placed with others to form a group photograph that has been digitally put together. Scheduling a time when all team members are available for a team portrait can be challenging for the project coordinator. Can’t get everyone together at the same time? You may find digital composition to be an excellent alternative to a traditional team portrait. It allows individuals to be photographed on separate days while still achieving a cohesive team portrait as your final product.

Whether you choose traditional posing or digital composite, the photographers at J.D. Small Photography Studios look forward to putting your photo session plans into action. We will use the same determination and eye for detail you and others have come to expect from us over the years.


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Headshot – Portrait Photography

As a business professional, your headshot or professional portrait is an important part of making a strong first impression. Furthermore, for an actor, entertainer, model, or musician, a professional headshot (along with a professional portfolio) is critical.

Your headshot can go a long way towards opening doors to the best opportunities for your business.  The quality and style of your headshot helps silently convey a sense of identity. Furthermore, the photograph can say a lot about your personality and character.  Such as Does this look like someone I can trust? Do they appear approachable? Friendly?

It’s hard to believe your headshot photograph can help others gauge you so much.  However, we are all guilty of judging people by our first impression.   More often than not, your headshot will be the first impression people judge you by.

A  business headshot taken by a professional headshot photographer will help you convey the right message.

Executive Portraits Provide Authority

Market survey has proven that 82% of customers tend to trust companies that have an active social media presence. This means that when founders and managerial personnel engage on social media platforms, they have the power to attract customers. And with a professional headshot to increase the effectiveness of their profiles, they have a better chance of promoting the business.

Therefor with a quality headshot in the picture, you can convey a strong message to your prospective clients. This simple addition can help increase the perceived value of your business, and help build rapport with clients.  That perfect expression which exudes your personality through a perfect executive headshot photograph is the resource that can help you attract the right kind of clients for your business.

Executive Headshots are great for Branding

There is a strong belief that people buy the individual, than the company, and finally the product the company provides.   Remember, we live in a visual word!  Does your headshot reflect a person who looks trustworthy?   Someone you might like to get to know?   It is the individual representative of the company who brings in business through their business headshots on social media, business cards, and ads.  Hence, poor quality photographs just don’t cut it!  If the company reps are poor at presentation, chances are the customer will take their business somewhere else.  Thus, costing you to lose valued (and valuable) clients.

With a quality headshot, you convey a strong message to your clients.  This simple addition can help build rapport and perceived value of your business and your product.

Business Headshots Provide a Personal Touch

What people want is a face they can associate with your business.  By adding a personal touch to your website, social media, and marketing materials, you can make sure your customers can connect with you and your business. They want to see the person they will be doing business with.  With the help of a professional Michigan headshot photographer, you can transform your business into something more than a faceless entity.  Above all, you can make your business seem more welcoming by adding the personal touch of headshot photographs.

Business Headshots Evoke Trust

In the ever changing venue of Google search criteria, there has to be a way to stand out. A professional executive portrait (headshot) is a great way to stand out. With the rapidly expanding use of image search by Google it is more critical to have a professional business headshot.  Care to try Google Image Search? (Click here)  Than type in Kroger CEO.

Customers will buy from someone they know and trust. Customers need a familiar face they can trust with their purchase if problems come up.  Therefore, in order to trigger the best response, you need to use the most effective lure – a professional headshot.  Your portrait may be the start of building that level of comfort.

Trust Leads to Long-term Relationships

Attracting the right customers isn’t the only goal for a business. Customer retention is also an important aspect of business. So when building long-term relationships is your ultimate goal, a professional headshot photograph is the need of the hour. It is this picture that comes to the mind of your customers whenever they think about the services your business offer. You are the representative of your business. Hence you need to portray the business in the best way you can.

Remarkable executive headshots have the power to grab your customers’ attention from the first moment. By hiring the right professional headshot photographer in Michigan, you can make sure your picture is the first thing that customers can associate with the business. Your professional portrait, combined with good products and outstanding service, can help mask the lure of competitors and ensure that your customers remain loyal.

Where Headshot Photographs are Used

Our clients use their web and print ready headshot photographs in many ways. Some of the ways are:


Book Covers


Business Cards

Press Releases

Print Advertising



Social Media

Web Content

Website – About Us

Website – Contact Us


Why Hire a Professional Corporate Photographer?

So it looks like you are considering a business headshot, executive portrait, or perhaps, group photographs of your team.  Well then getting a professional photographer on the job is the only way to proceed.   Because you want top-quality images to set the right impression and expectations.  That requires a professional photographer for your headshots.

Anyone with a camera or smartphone can snap a picture.  After all, all you have to do is click a button and presto you have a picture!  But when a professional headshot photographer becomes involved things take a turn for the better.  After all, expensive equipment doesn’t guarantee a great photograph.  It is the skill of the people behind the camera that can make the magic happen.  It is the expertise of the professional headshot photographer that can get you the perfect photo.

It’s the way they position you.  The way they adjust and place the lighting.  The way they can evoke the right expressions are what makes them the best at their job.  They have the right tools and skills to make you look approachable, trustworthy and yet professional too.  They realize the importance of the warm, spontaneous expressions that can bring forth your true personality.  The special personality that attracts clients to your business.

This is your chance to make a great first impression. Since this is a silent role, you’d have to let your headshot photograph do the job for you. Just follow their instructions and let them lead you with their experience. When you’re aiming to evoke trust in your audience, you’d have to start by trusting your Lansing, Michigan headshot photographer.

Our experienced professionals are ready to bring our services directly to your office or place of business. Or, if you prefer, you can come to our conveniently located  Okemos, Michigan full-service studio.  Either way, we handle all of the setup and cleanup!


Call for a Consultation

At J.D. Small Photography Studios, we will design a photo package to meet the needs of any individual, business professional, or company. Call 517-281-5633 to discuss your options today.

Corporate Headshot by J.D.Small Photography, Okemos, MI
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