Aerial Photography

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Aerial Photography Can Do a Lot for You!

Aerial Photography and Videography offer many benefits in advertising, marketing, and personal enjoyment. Aerial Photographs & Videos are crucial for real estate development and construction projects.

Do you have a homestead, commercial building, lakefront property you’re proud of?   How about commercial or industrial property you want to sell or lease out?   Capture the perfect image with aerial photography by J.D. Small Photography

We feature both fixed-wing and drone technology for aerial photography in Michigan.  Our professionals photograph agricultural, commercial, public, and residential property. Want video? We do that too!



Agricultural Aerial Photography Examples

Homestead, farm buildings, silos, and farm equipment.  Fire and storm damage for insurance claims.  Livestock and pasture land. Crop planting and harvesting. Ponds and waterways are just a few ways aerial photography can be used in Michigan Agriculture.



Commercial Aerial Photography Examples

Advertising and marketing campaign images for vacant land, commercial and industrial property. Construction project progress. Property development proposals. Selling construction equipment. Promoting campgrounds, golf courses and resorts. Fire or storm damage images for insurance claims.



Public Aerial Photography Examples

Ball parks and stadiums. Public golf courses. Parks, campgrounds, beaches and picnic areas.  Public buildings such as libraries, court houses, and schools. Bridges, landmarks & monuments



Residential Aerial Photography Uses

New home construction. Remodeling Projects, Landscape. Home-for-sale. Storm or fire damage for insurance claims.