He was 11 years old . . .

A little boy was 11 years old and was begging his daddy to let him go to school. He always wanted to go to school, and finally one day his daddy takes him by the hand and takes him to school. All of his brothers and sisters went to school. They walked for seven miles to get to the school. His dad walks him into the school room at 11 years old. It’s 1854 in Port Huron, Michigan He’s going to be a student and he is so happy. (I was never that happy to be going to school) Six weeks later his dad shows up in his great big hands and his weather beaten face and says “come on we’ve got to go.” That was it. Six weeks of school and he’s walking home with his dad and he’s crying all the way home because that is the extent of his education. He has to work now because his family is starving.

 At 11 years old he is now working on the Grand Trunk Railroad selling news papers to help support his family. Sleeping . . . not even on a seat, but sleeping behind a seat on a rail car.

 Today - There are 1500 patents in Washington DC with his name on them and there are 10 billion light bulbs that light up the world today that are a testimony that when you start something, you don’t have to stop it until you finish.

 It’s not what we try that lights the world.

It’s what we do that makes a difference.

As Yoda said to Luke Skywalker

        Try Not

                There is no try

                        There is only DO.