What is the Price for Freedom?

What Price is Freedom?

There was a rich industrialist who wanted to catch a particular breed of animal for his private zoo at the foot hills of the Himalayans. Apparently, for generations, the indigenous people who lived there knew that this particular breed of animal was so elusive that it had never been captured alive. The industrialist asked for a guide from the villagers to lead him to the jungle and promised to return in a month with the animal.

A month later, he emerged from the jungle, bare. Naturally, the villagers laughed at him, but stopped when he told them he had in his captivity, a whole flock of that animal!

What this industrialist did was to spend the first week observing and studying what these animals fed on. He discovered that they lived on a particular type of sweet grass. The following week, he ordered his men to gather this grass and pile it near a water hole where these animals frequented.

Once these animals started to feel “comfortable” with their find, he ordered his men to erect fences around the perimeter- a pile or two each day and only at night. The animals came and went living on the food, oblivious to the “trap” that was being built slowly around their feeding ground. On the last week, the industrialist ordered his men to erect the crossbars, again starting with the low rungs, so that the animals could walk in and out over them. As he erected the higher rungs night after night in the last week, he made sure there was an open passage in and out for the animals to enter and leave, until, of course the last day! Once the flank gathered for their feed, he put the final two crossbars at the entrance and exits. The animals were trapped for good!

The villagers were amazed. There lay before them, the animals trapped within their own habitat but were oblivious to it. When asked how he did it by the villagers, the industrialist gave a simple reply. He built and ran his empire very much the same way. He gave his workers what they needed to survive and they gave him their efforts.

This could be drawn a parallel to most of the employees out there, living with a JOB- Just Over Broke. It keeps us “fed” but does not allow us to become “fat” with it. The invisible fences are being erected around us with subtlety. We become conditioned to them and entrap ourselves into them, sometimes forever. In fact, the longer we condition ourselves to them, the harder it is for us to see them. Sometimes when we finally do see, it is usually too late.

 You cannot escape from prison, if you do not realize you are in one.